Friday, February 25, 2011

A happy girl and a ring...

Well I'm back from Cuba and have oh so many pictures and fun times to share with you.
Since getting back into the swing of things has taken a little bit longer than I was excepting, I shall share my favorite item I brought home with me. (well other than my guy)

I'm such a lucky girl! Stay tunned for the engagement story and pictures!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Alright winter, can we please part ways..

You were fun for awhile, you allowed me to go skating and I did enjoy watching the snow fall.. but when I walk to the store and my legs become legicles by the time I get back, well.. then we have a problem.
Luckily for me, in less than a week I will be in a warmer place, so you have until I return to pack up your things and move over for my new love.. early spring.

warm and cozy thoughts.
♡ Karen. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

time flies..

It's absolutely crazy how fast time goes, one minute we are in the midst of the Holidays, visiting as many family members as you can, the next I realize it's been a month since we've seen the people we love.
It was time to head back to my home town and have a little family time.

During my visit back a certain baby showed off his apparent musical talents.
My nephew can jam, like father like son. Maybe the  next Partridge family?
Of course they would have to let me drive around on the bus.

 Hopefully I will see them again soon! xo

Monday, February 7, 2011

Go sports team..

My friend loves football, so for one night I liked it too. 

To be honest it was my first ever Super bowl party, we came for the game but stayed for the wonderful food. She even baked a Steelers cake, but sadly was too disappointed to eat it. By the end of the night the conversation switched from sports to girl chat. (a topic I'm much better at) I can't say that this will convert me into a football fan or even a sports fan, but I could handle watching a game once a year.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

See you later February!

We booked our first tropical vacation! In a little over a week we will be headed to Cuba. My guy and I have been battling the winter blah's, I thought the best thing to do is escape this freezing country if only for a week. I will try to speak Spanish and fail, I will probably come back a red Karen lobster, but who cares I will be lounging by the beach...
    and not you Toronto beach! 
Now to google the chance of jelly fish encounters (the bees of the sea) they freak me out.
Rummage through my summer clothes
Purchase a waterproof camera
Find more vintage inspired swimwear