Thursday, September 30, 2010

I need a road tip...

with an old camera, you can come too! 

Monday, September 20, 2010

How great are old pictures of our parents!? 
I'm going to post more once I scan them, but for now.....

My mom's class picture, she is the one in the middle with the glasses.
So very cute. 

the working world and a wondering mind

As I work at my day job my mind drifts to thoughts of the weekend...

My friend  since grade two is moving to Manitoba soon, we decided to have a girls day since it may be the last for awhile. It's a little strange to see the people close to you move away, there was a time I assumed everyone would be around forever. This is life, everyone goes on their own adventures... I just wish the best for them and hope they think of me sometimes!

So off we went for a lunch date and 5cent carousel ride, fun!

Fuzzy lovelies 
I would like a carousel in my backyard. 
My ride.
Happy twin.
I think she is singing? 
I'm getting dizzy. 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dear Kieran,

Yesterday was your first birthday, I can't believe a year has flown by since we first met you. You have changed all of our lives in the most wonderful way. One day soon you will come spend a weekend here, we will go on fun adventures around the city, teach you about our favorite bands and maybe give you some treats (shhh..don't tell mom)
You're an amazing boy and I love you!!

xo Aunt Karen

Friday, September 10, 2010

I've had a sad day.

As a girl who has so many great things in her life I often feel silly when I get sad. I think to myself "what on earth do you really have to complain about?", however, as a human these feelings are natural and sometimes you just need a good cry. It's not that anything drastic has happened I live in a lovely apartment with a lovely guy and have many people who love me.. but I have a big heart and when I see the deterioration of relationships around me I can't help but feel the effects of it a little too much. That with missing things I have no control over makes me a sad gal. The worse part of having a bad day that it inadvertently effects the people around us, the people who love us with all their hearts. Although, I am a strong person I have a hard time concealing those emotions. I just hope those people know I truly love them, it's my own emotions getting the better of me and it has nothing to do with them. 

Tomorrow will be better I swear. xo.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I enjoy flea market hunts that turn into free fortune readings by the lady running the both, drive-in double dates with my favorite people, and working with my twin on our up coming vintage etsy store!

coming soon!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Apartment Favorites

Recently I moved my day job into my house, luckily for me I only have to deal with Toronto / highway driving once a month. It gives me more time to hang out in my cute little apartment. 
A few things in my apartment I adore....

My first keyboard and my grandmother's chair
My new piano
 Ukulele and old cameras.
My boyfriend's late night 4 track reel find
Vintage radio
Old Organ 
More to come!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Our weekend..

This weekend we cleared out our schedule and only made plan with each other. We had a go with the flow kind of mind frame and gorgeous weather on our side. Our first stop garage sale record shopping!  Oh, yes he could have spent hours going through all the records for sale on that yard and we almost did, but I had a date with a vintage sale! We left with our newly acquired records and a very cute antique radio and headed to the other end of the city. I was expecting a large crowd, elbows ready to fly, come on two dollar vintage sale is almost too go to be true! After walking around the warehouse and up three flights of stairs we were greeted by two ladies running the place...and no one else. It was like a vintage dream come true, I didn't even know where to start! 

While rummaging through the clothes we noticed something strange all the clothes there ranged from the same three sizes, as well the shoes were all sizes 5-6. We chatted with the ladies who were running the place that told us all the clothes, shoes and accessories were owned by the same women. This women kept almost every article of clothing purchased from 1960's to when she passed away, even stranger a majority of the clothes were never worn, with the original tags. This women even hand wrote on some of the tags the year that she purchased the garment and little notes like "need to slim down to wear this dress" or "for Christmas 77".  It's like we were looking at this women's whole life through the clothing she owned and cherished.  I immediately wanted to know everything about her... where she lived, her life story, why she held on to everything, how big was her closet? The nice ladies didn't have any information on her, the clothes were purchased during an estate sale through one of their friends. 
So off I went with a portion of this women's wardrobe history in my hands. 

Well after all that shopping we needed some fuel.. 
Stockyards may give you a heart attack but it was too good to care. 

The next day we biked down to ferry headed to Toronto island, we soon realized that hundreds of people had the exact same idea as us.

The line up would have taken a hour at least and as romantic as waiting in line like cattle is we decided to take the water taxi instead. 

The Toronto island is a wonderful place we biked around, went swimming and checked out some of the cutest Toronto homes. My dream to one day move into one of these adorable homes, an idea that's much easier said than done as in order to even be considered your name is entered into a lottery drawn once a year, they select 15- 25 people who are put into a waiting list.  With only 250 cottages on the island my chances are slim. 
A girl can still dream though.. 

I had the best weekend with a certain someone and can't wait for many more.