Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Country vs the City

If I had it my way I would live on a farm in the middle of the city 
I often have a battle between staying the city or moving closer to my home town. I guess right now it's the best of both worlds, a cozy apartment in the city with the accessibility of visiting home whenever we please.
The past few weeks have been a combo of both life styles, during thanksgiving we checked out the local craft show (and dragged the boys along!) 

 The faces of excitement! 
 A gorgeous day
Brother in law and nephew 
 Some of us more awake than others
truck fries and a live show
 folk show 

cute boy
cute baby
 If only I could keep him

The week before we checked out Nuit Blanche an all night art show throughout Toronto.
We checked out some exhibits but I think had more strolling around town. 

We found toys at night!

Lee Ranaldo "sight unseen" exhibit

5 am subway
 hiding boyfriend

I love dancing friends

It was a fun weekend with some amazing friends!

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