Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hello all, here is a little life update.

My life in a nut shell is comprised lately of the following things.. wedding planning, baby planning, and house hunting. If we didn't already have enough on our plate a decision was made that Dan (my future hubby) and I would buy a house instead of renting for another year. Such super exciting news, now we just need to find our home. We are hoping to move back to the niagara region since Dan and I both grew up there. (but in different towns)
 Our fingers are crossed we can find an older house with character and enough room for when my sister, her hubby & my nephew come to visit.  
Everything baby is going great I'm now 23 weeks pregnant a growing quite the bump.
I'm feeling really good for the most part the only changes being I could eat for six & I'm in bed by 11 every night.  All I want to do is start nesting but it will have to a wait until the big move.  For now I'm going to enjoying eating & sleeping as much as I want!

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  1. awesome! i wish we were in the position to go house-hunting. perhaps I can live vicariously through you?