Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We went to the Big Apple!

Okay so I'm kind of a dork for ridiculous tourist attractions, many times we drove by this place on road-trips, however, we never took the time to stop.  After a crazy couple of weeks of working and holiday functions we decided to take a day off and go for a drive to the cheesiest place we could think of. 
The Big apple is 35 feet high, the attraction has a mini put (sadly closed) an observation deck (also closed) and a gift shop (you betcha it was closed!) Okay, next time we will go in the summer. We did purchase some apple bread..yum!

We took the long way home and did some major small town thrift store shopping (they have the best stuff),
 it was great day. 
If you know of any cheesy tourist attractions let me know!  


  1. That's on the way to my sisters house! I love the big apple, my mom finally stopped there one day and bought a pie. It was delicious.
    If you ever went far enough, Cambellford (it's close to Belleville) has a ginormous Toonie, and it's just a charming little town in general.

  2. Sound like another road trip to me!
    We made french toast with the apple bread, sooo good!